Julianne Moore is better Than all of Us, So Let’s Take a moment to admire Her Bags

Julianne Moore occupies a very covetable spot in the biz: She is beloved and respected by all, scandal-proof, and still completely on top of her game at 57, an age when Hollywood typically prefers to pretend an actress has all of a sudden morphed into a pile of smoldering trash. There’s no need to shower her with accolades for her acting body of work, because certainly she is a boss actress and everyone knows it. but I do want to draw special attention to what I respect many about Julianne Moore: When she is on the job, she is alight, total elegance and class, completely “on.” but when she’s off the clock, so to speak, she owes you nothing. Not even a smile. She DGAF, if you will. but she still just happens to be carrying outstanding bags.

Céline Trio Bag
Shop Céline Bags through Vestiaire Collective
Here’s Julianne carrying a tidy burgundy Céline Trio Bag while out with her spouse in NYC.

Givenchy Lucrezia Bag
Shop Givenchy Bags through Nordstrom
She looks absolutely radiant as she arrives at CBS This morning with a Givenchy Lucrezia Bag.

Givenchy Pandora Box Bag
$2,090 through farfetch.com
Here she is on the event carpet for Givenchy’s Paris fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018 show with a chic, white Givenchy Pandora Box Bag.

Loewe Hammock Bag
$3,150 through farfetch.com
This is a recent-ish snap of Julianne out with her daughter Liv in NYC. She’s carrying the woven leather Loewe Hammock Bag. I wonder if we’ll be seeing much more of these as we head towards summer.

Louis Vuitton Josh Backpack
$1,800 through Louis Vuitton
Julianne is imagined here returning from the Hamptons through helicopter with a Louis Vuitton Josh Backpack. That’s proper helipad hair best there.

Louis Vuitton Bento Box Bag
$2,880 through Louis Vuitton
Here she is carrying a petite Louis Vuitton Bento Box Bag at Louis Vuitton’s Paris fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018 runway show.

Saint Laurent Sulpice Chain Bag
$2,590 through Nordstrom
Last week, Julianne arrived at the good airport with this black leather Saint Laurent Sulpice Bag. She’s en route to Cannes, of course!

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag
$2,890 through Nordstrom
Finally, here’s a parting shot of her reaching GMA in nyc with a trendy Saint Laurent Sac de Jour.

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