The 20 best Bag deals for the weekend of may 25

welcome to both Memorial Day weekend and sale season! Over the last day or two, fresh discounts have been taken at nearly all our favorite retailers, and that implies that there’s a huge selection of new bags that can be snatched of for under retail, including some super-popular styles in classic colors. We’ve got an […]

Web Shebang 11.21.07

The should have flats are the Tory Burch Reva Ballet flats [via My Couture] Technology satisfies handbags with the Zac Posen Samsung hold [via fabulous Sugar] Have a laugh at chubby Tom cruise [via celebrity Rumors] Check out our Hermes loot, including my 30 cm Togo Blue Jean Hermes Birkin [via handbag Blog] Don’t forget […]

Coach Reimagines Its Cashin bring carry for spring 2022

Late last week, on a bright, sunny, as well as breezy afternoon, trainer held its spring 2022 presentation in midtown Manhattan. The show was held at Pier 76, walking distance from the brand’s new York City office. While the show was held in midtown, the collection’s vibe was totally downtown, possessing the kind of simple […]

Dolce & Gabbana fur tote

I get a bit disappointed when I run into some bags online. Not because I don’t like them, but because I don’t think the pictures do the bags justice. I just want to reach into the screen, pull the bag out towards me, and then look/touch at the bag so I can really see what […]

Ladies, what did I tell you about zebra print?

Dolce & Gabbana miss Sicily Satchels, $1407 as well as $2805 via Luisa via Roma. Sometimes when I compose a publish about something that I believe may be a burgeoning trend, I feel as though I’ve took part in a bit of fashion-industry wonderful thinking. I speculate on something – shape, a color, or in […]

Moschino Bow Trim Suede grasp

because Friday is always fun day, and one of the best days of the week, grasp Friday needs to be started off with a stunning grasp that can be used best now (as opposed to spring time). The Moschino Bow Trim Suede grasp is delightful for the end of fall and the cold winter season […]

Best Bet: Vanessa Seward Claire take on Bag

You may not be familiar with Vanessa Seward’s name quite yet, but you’ve certainly seen her work. She’s developed for brands ranging from APC to Chanel, and now her eponymous line is a cult favorite among consumers searching for an everyday wardrobe with a luxurious, Parisian twist. Now, Seward is bringing that same mood to […]

Rebecca Minkoff Perforated 3 Zip Rocker Bag

We pointed out way back when the emerging trend for perforated bags, and now it’s coming full circle. Back in the fall when the trend was just being birthed, you may have scoffed. “Perforation? who wants a bag with holes in it?” Well, remember the uber-popular Louis Vuitton neon and perforated collection? I think that […]

Prada Pencil case

Still trying to find the gift that keeps on giving? Your children may be in school, may be asking for designer goods, and may be day dreaming of the current Prada bag. stuff their stocking with the Prada Pencil case which is created with red leather and gold hardware and comes with two designer pencils. […]