Best Bet: Vanessa Seward Claire take on Bag

You may not be familiar with Vanessa Seward’s name quite yet, but you’ve certainly seen her work. She’s developed for brands ranging from APC to Chanel, and now her eponymous line is a cult favorite among consumers searching for an everyday wardrobe with a luxurious, Parisian twist. Now, Seward is bringing that same mood to bags.

Online accessibility is both a blessing and a curse for luxury shopping. On the one hand, it’s much simpler to find and purchase exactly what you want than it ever has been before. On the other hand, it’s easy to get a little bored, once you feel like you’ve seen everything and know what’s available. Seward’s newness to the bag market gives her an automatic edge in that respect; no one will look at your bag and right away know exactly where it came from and what you paid for it.

On top of that novelty, the Claire is a stunning everyday option. It’s both roomy and subtle, which would make it a good option for the office as long as you don’t need to carry a laptop or files, and the contrasting leather textures make it interesting without feeling flashy. All that, under a grand!

You can pick up your very own Claire Bag for $985 through Net-a-Porter.

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